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MPCA “Classie” Top Twenty Information



This is a “by invitation only event” composed of the Top Twenty Miniature Pinschers who have defeated the most of their breed during conformation competition. Dogs need not be owned by an MPCA member to be eligible.

Exhibitors pay and entry fee to compete and spectators are charged a nominal fee. The event is held in the evening.

Top Twenty Committee:

Top 20 Statistician:

  • Christine Smith
  • Audited by Barbara Stamm


The Top Twenty statistics are compiled by an MPCA volunteer. Statistics are tabulated based on wins published in the AKC Awards. Statistics are only published on this website after they have been submitted to the webmistress. Please contact the statistician directly if you have questions or problems with the statistics.


Three judges will be used for this event.

  • 1. AKC Judge: no provisional, must be licensed for min pins at least five years.
  • 2. Breeder Judge: bred at least ten champions.
  • 3. Handler Judge: handled at least five min pins or shown at least one min pin to Top 10.

Each judge will score each dog individually, using a “scale of points”. The winner will be determined based on the total score of each dog. In the event of a tie, it shall be broken by using the“first Impression” marked by each judge prior to the marking of the score sheet, as the determining factor.

Scores will be tabulated during the event and winner will be awarded that evening.



The dress code for judges, stewards and handlers: formal to semi-formal. Dress code for spectators: open to personal preference.

Top 20 Reserve Winner:

A Top 20 Reserve Winner will now be awarded.



As of 12/31/2017 – final

Rank Dog Owners Total
1 GCHG CH Kimro’s Miss Vera Vain J Cabailo/R Greenslade/K Calvacca/H Schwell 796
2 GCHB CH Sidels The Phantom Menace R Johnson/J Zwirn 443
3 GCHB CH Marlex Sunsprite Rose A Angelbello/A Parman 230
4 GCHB CH Toykeeper’s Babyface Assassin A Aldeguer/R Aldeguer 216
5 GCHB CH Spiva’s Sunsets And Sangria J Spiva/S Erdman 212
5 GCHS CH Winters Shout It From The Rooftop K Winters 212
7 GCHS CH Carizma’s Mahogany Rose S Haynes/S Davis-Moorwessel 210
8 GCH CH Aztex March-On Buddha And The Chocolate Box L&P Dewey/C Smith/D Bayless 172
9 GCHB CH Sirius Leader Of The Band J Ward 157
10 GCHB CH Sanderlin Dances Thru The Galaxy A Sanders 155
11 GCHS CH Brackley Forever Amazing W Boyette 130
12 GCHS CH Marlex Hearts On Fire R Ly/M Barnes/A Angelbello 125
13 GCH CH Aleigh Satin’s String Theory J Leigh/J Stout-Reynolds 106
14 GCHB CH Dazl Reh Ebony’s Fiery Promise L Phillips/M McLaughlin 102
15 GCH CH Sidels The Empire Strikes Back R Nuttall/J Zwirn/E Dzuik 96
16 GCHG CH Sanderlin Dance Like A Dickens A Sanders 94
17 GCHB CH Bubic Carolina Tar Heel S Butler/J Butler 92
17 GCH CH San Spur’s Just A Dollars More N Imperatore/A Fields 92
19 GCH CH Bubba Passionate Mans Child In The Country R Wang 85
20 GCH CH Stonebridge Big Man On Campus Whitehouse P Young/J White 82


submitted by C. Smith    


Top 20 Event:

Location: Olympia Resort Hotel

Oconomowoc, WI


May 2017

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