MPCA Futurity Chairperson

Shawn Brown – alj.ranch@gmail.com
P.O.Box 6868, Auburn, CA 95604



Since it’s inception seven years ago, our National Futurity Sweepstakes has grown by leaps and bounds. In an effort to keep everyone up on the timelines and rules, I would like to provide you with a simplified version. Complete rules are printed in every National Specialty premium, National Specialty catalog and available from me at anytime by request. The rules, along with the nomination form, are available from our MPCA website, http://www.minpin.org.

  1. The litter must be nominated before it is whelped. The postmark is the date used to determine eligibility. No late entries accepted.
  2. At least one bitch owner must be an MPCA member in good standing.
  3. Entry fee of $20, check made out to MPCA, must be included with nomination.
  4. Upon eligible entry, bitch owner will receive a numbered form, with the notification of whelping form on the bottom.
  5. The litter owner has until the litter is one month old to notify the Futurity Chairman of date of whelp, number of live pups, and sex on an official puppy nomination form which is provided by the Futurity Chairman after the litter is nominated. No fee is due at this time. Postmark will determine eligibility.
  6. Each pup in eligible litter will be furnished with individual nomination forms. The pup must be nominated before it is 4 months old. No exceptions. A fee of $10, check made payable to MPCA must be included to be eligible. AKC names and numbers should be included, but may be sent in at a later date in order to maintain eligibility time requirements.
  7. Checks returned for any reason may invalidate that nomination.
  8. When selecting futurity judges, only one vote per bitch nominated will be allowed. In case of co-ownership’s, member or first listed owner will receive ballot.
  9. Verification of acceptance of nominations shall be the responsibility of the breeder/owner. Please do not send cash, and allow several weeks for check clearance, as I must forward your checks to the treasurer to be deposited. Please DO NOT send nominations overnight, special or any other method. Your mail will be postmarked the day your postal carrier picks it up, or the day you leave it at the post office. Remember that the postmark will determine eligibility, not the date I receive it. I try to process every nomination within a couple of days of receipt. On rare occasions when I am out of town for several days, it may take three or four days. If you wish to check to see if I received, please e-mail me at atc1@foohill.net, ALJ.Ranch@gmail.com or call and leave a message at (530) 885-6000. If I do not return your call, your nomination has been received. So again, even shorter:
    • Nominate litter before birth
    • Notify chairman before litter is one month old
    • Nominate pups before 4 months old
    • And last, be sure to enter pups in futurity classes at the National

    Please note my address, as some are still using the old one. Again, please contact me if you have any questions!

    Shawn Brown, MPCA Futurity/Maturity Chair
    P.O.Box 6868, Auburn, CA 95604