MPCA Hall of Fame Sires & Dams (ROM)

To qualify for the Hall of Fame, a dog must have sired twenty (20) champions, and a bitch must be the dam of eight (8) champions. These Hall of Fame members represent less than 2% of all miniature pinschers who have ever produced at least one champion. The first year a sire or dam qualifies for the Hall of Fame, he/she is presented with a plaque and listed in the awards program as an addition to the Hall of Fame. After that, the total champions are adjusted and printed in the awards program each year in chronological order of number of champions produced. These sires and dams are also entitled to the Record of Merit (ROM) title after their name.

This award is based on the total number of champions produced by sires and dams over the dog’s lifetime. Although the awards are awarded and updated annually, they are cumulative, differing from other MPCA awards.

List of Hall of Fame (ROM) Sires & Dams

Photos of Hall of Fame (ROM) Sires & Dams