Health Information


The Miniature Pinscher is fairly healthy compared to many other breeds.

MPCA Health & Research Chairperson, Larry Dewey.


Current Concerns:

Some of the breed’s major problems are patellar luxation, cervical (dry) disc, legg-calve perthes, epilepsy, thyroid, heart defects and eye problems in varying degrees of severity. There are more problems but these are the major concern at this time.

MPCA Health Survey

The Health and Research Committee is conducting a survey for the Min Pin to determine health issues and their severity.

Please respond by listing medical issues and the number of times you have experienced each problem. Have any of you experienced Encephalitis or cervical disc(dry) with your Min Pins?

We really need your help to compile a list so the AKC Canine Health Foundation can help in getting research grants to study these issues and hopefully find cures.

Please Email to or send to Larry Dewey, 22515 Cascade Springs, Katy, TX 77494. Please know you can send this information anonymously and this info will go no further than myself. This is only to compile a list of health problems.

Please participate by downloading and completing the Health Survey. The survey may be submitted anonymously to the MPCA Health & Research Chairman, Mr. Larry Dewey.
PDF Download Health Survey



OFA CHIC Program

The MPCA is happy to announce that the Miniature Pinscher is now participating in the OFA CHIC Program. Below are links to the breed requirements and current CHIC Miniature Pinchers.

List of CHIC Miniature Pinschers


Canine Rabies Challenge Studies Begin

One of the most important vaccine research studies in veterinary medicine is underway at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison.

More information and regular updates on The Rabies Challenge Fund and the concurrent 5 and 7 year challenge studies it is financing can be found at the fund’s website designed by volunteer Andrea Brin at:

Rabies Challenge Information



Purdue Investigation of Vaccine Reactions in Dogs

The AKC Canine Health Foundation has funded a 2-year study to investigate the causes for vaccination-induced allergic reactions in dogs. For more info click here.



UCDavis researches IVDD

UCDavis researches Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) in affected breeds. Their aim is to identify genes that contribute to IVDD. For more info click here.



Hereditary Evaluation of Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease in the Miniature Pinscher

TAMU – College of Vet. Med.
Attn: Alison Starr – Murphy lab
Rm 215 VMS Bldg MS 4467
College Station, TX 77843-4467
Phone number: Lab (979) 845.5634
Alison Starr:
Kate Tsai:

Pedigree structure:
We are looking for multi-generational pedigrees with more than one LCP-affected dog appearing in the pedigree – that is, multiple related affected dogs (full-sibs, half-sibs, first cousin twice removed – however you can get them to be related). We want all siblings produced from a mating represented (alive or deceased), sex of each dog, and health status(affected or unaffected). OFA results are a plus for unaffected dogs, but affected dogs have to have been definitively diagnosed (no anecdotal “I think this dog was affected because he limped when he was a puppy…” will be acceptable).

In short: all affected dogs’ siblings, his parents and THEIR siblings, and his grandparents and THEIR siblings; as much clinical information as possible. The most informative matings would include an affected dog, but we understand that affecteds are probably not purposely bred.

Hereditary Evaluation of Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease in theMiniature Pinscher – Research Proposal






Health Research

The MPCA is making every effort to support research that will be of benefit to the Miniature Pinscher breed. It is currently participating in several research projects. To view information on the research studies, click here.

The MPCA Donor Program allows people to contribute to health research. The funds from the sale of the Limitied Edition Min Pin Pin also goes into the research fund. The MPCA also participates in the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program.